Oda Mathilde is educated master of music at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Oda comes from Sortland in the north of Norway, a small city known for its rich cultural life, and special focus on contemporary music. In a childhood between breathtaking nature as her playroom, and cello noise and sounds as her toys, Oda grew up to a creative musicianship, and continued specializing in contemporary music and improvisation throughout her education.


Oda has won internships in professional ensembles, prices for her musical achievements, and performed on several improvising scenes in Europe, both collaborating with well-known artists, and with her own projects.


Influenced by the beauty of nature, shifting light and simple melodies, she combines both the classical genre and improvisation techniques in creating soundscapes with the large spectrum of timbral possibilities that the cello offers.