HIMLA is a new nordic collaboration between singer/songwriter Adine Fliid (DK/NO), cellist Oda Dyrnes (NO) and clarinetist Siri Iversen (DK). Together the trio create a room for contemplation, into the ups and downs of everyday life, through an intimate and immersive atmosphere at their concerts.

The three women find inspiration in popular music, and add a touch of folk music and avantgarde chamber music, where they let acoustic sound take center stage of their timbral experiments.

Centring around a strong lyrical vocal, and a text universe in both Danish and Norwegian, with sheets of sound created by dancing bow strokes and warm waves of air currents, the musicians conjure up images of nordic mountainous landscapes. HIMLA is where the melancholy meets the life energy, telling stories about the emotions and dreams that lie under the surface of everyday life.

Adine Fliid - vocal, guitar
Siri Iversen - clarinets
Oda Mathilde Dyrnes - cello




HIMLA at Bloomy Hobnob - Karens Minde kulturhus







Photos of HIMLA


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